1. Select value chains with best potential for market expansion and offer a platform for increasing incomes of large numbers of women micro-entrepreneurs
  2. Implement a transparent and competitive process in identifying key facilitating partners
  3. Carry out analysis of and develop strategies to build selected value chains together with identified partners through an action-learning methodology
  4. Provide technical, advisory and funding support to key facilitating partners to strengthen their capacity and expand their reach as they work to sustainably increase incomes of large numbers of micro-entrepreneurs
  5. Nisa has identified appropriate business support services and develop interventions that improve the ability of these players to provide services that improve product volume and margins of target beneficiaries as they increase their skills and become better integrated with the entire value-chain.

Partner institutions are facilitators and trainers, and provide appropriate forward, backward and lateral linkages in the chain for the micro entrepreneurs. The economic development capacity of partners is enhanced during project implementation. The Action-Learning approach will ensure that Nisa leaves a cadre of prepared, market-savvy organizations who are able to take the work forward sustainably, implementing value chain enhancement programs, on behalf of micro entrepreneurs in selected project activities.